There are various ways to utilize campfire cooking.  Most are familiar with roasting marshmallows or hot dogs or making a tin foil dinner.  Cooking with a pie iron is as easy and as fun.

A pie iron can be used to make many different camping meals from a chicken and cheese quesadilla to a peanut butter and marshmallow pie.  See our camping recipes for ideas.  But the most basic approach is to sandwich filling between two pieces of bread. 

It is as easy as the following steps:

1- Heat the pie iron over a fire or hot coals for a few minutes.

2 - Add butter on each pie iron half, then add ingredients.  The simplest case, however, is to add bread on each half, then cheese, sloppy joe mix, fruit filling or whatever.  If using the bread option, you can butter the bread instead of the pie iron.

3 - Close the two halves.  There is a hinge that interlocks as well as a latch on the handles to keep things closed if you decide to place in fire and walk away.  Depending on if you use bread, you can remove the excess crust and bread if you like.

4 - Place in coals or fire and turn occasionally.  It does not take long to cook, around 5 minutes, but it depends on the coals and the contents. Since the Campfire Kitchen pie irons are aluminum heat passes through more quickly and it works best to rotate more frequently.

5 - Remove the pie iron from the fire and check your meal.  You can always place the pie iron back into the coals or fire if things don’t look done.

6 - Enjoy your campfire meal!



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